Things Your SEO Specialist Should Be Doing

Things Your SEO Specialist Should Be Doing

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Every online marketing servicer / seo specialist has their own strengths and weaknesses but to some degree they should all be fulfilling this list as a commonality:

  • Researching good cross linking opportunities monthly
  • Reviewing page content for keyword usage
  • Reviewing page code for keyword placement
  • Reporting page performance monthly
  • Reporting website performance monthly
  • Reviewing and reporting PPC (if applicable) performance monthly
  • Reviewing and reporting Google placement / performance monthly
  • Reviewing and responding (if applicable) to social media reviews (Google, Yelp, Facebook).
  • Reviewing and responding to social media inquiries
  • Reviewing and reporting on performance for paid directory listings.
  • Reviewing and posting valuable content to your website
  • Reviewing and posting valuable content to social media / paid directories
  • Review and report on competitors websites & online activity
  • Identifying niche opportunities for online efforts
  • Identifying opportunities to grow email lists
  • Reviewing online form submissions
  • Reviewing backup schedule
  • Backing up database (if applicable)
  • Managing additional outreach email addresses
  • Reviewing and recruiting / managing content writing opportunities
  • Advising for online content prior to brick and mortar engagements
  • Reviewing membership profiles and backlinks to professional organizations
  • Reviewing and assisting in implementation of reviewing opportunities by customers
  • Reviewing the ongoing security of your website and advising / patching / updating software as needed.

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