A Different Approach

There are many online marketing companies out there. Many of them are great and excellent at what they do. For us though it all comes down to approach. Our approach is what differentiates us.

While other companies do a short interview or questionnaire before getting started and then look for feedback (trial and error) on their work once it’s commenced, we include you in the work after all it’s your company, your business, and your customers. Our approach is to include, not exclude you. Outsourcing implies non involvement. We would like you involved, every step of the way. After all, we’re not here to hold your marketing hostage. We’re here to help your business grow as well as the people who comprise it.


Lemur Technology has been a blessing to our business as we went from a startup to a 5 year old established practice.  Ron’s management of social media across different platforms including our website keeps us on potential customer’s radar.  We are thankful to have him handling all the nuances of internet marketing. Dr. Eric Potter Sanctuary Functional Medicine
Sanctuary Functional Medicine