What Makes Us Different

We are very different from other social media management / online marketing companies. While we specialize in 3 distinct areas – Social Media, SEO, and Website Implementation – we want to use the Social Media speciality as a way to demonstrate how we are different. 

Traditionally, a social media management company is a business that is comprised of a team of people that work to grow your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media platforms. They will assign a representative to you that will interview you or you will be directed to an online form that will prompt you to answer questions about your business, mission, audience, and goals. Your representative will research various news services, content providers, and websites to find content to post for your company. You will then evaluate their posts and give feedback so future posts are more relevant to your business. In most cases you do not provide them with content, they provide all the content from stock photos and news databases. Promotions or content you want to post is inserted in as well in addition to what they are producing and the goal is to build your followers by huge numbers each month.  In a traditional flow, a social media company schedules posts, monitors social, collaborates with you, and analyzes the results. 

How are we different? Here are just a few ways: 

Am I outsourcing social media management? 

Not in the traditional sense. You are hiring us to partner with you to help adapt your brand for social media. We aren’t out to just make your followers happy, we are out to help you develop your brand for social. Traditional companies Schedule Posts, Monitor Social, Collaborate with You, and Analyze the results. We don’t place you at the near the end of the process, you are in the process from day 1. 

How social media accounts are worked?

Other companies search the internet to share content on your behalf. What we do is get to know your brand, help you develop your social media campaign in a way that grows your brand through social media as well as gains likes, followers, and exposure. We don’t ‘curate’ content , we work with you to develop content. We don’t try to create a voice that sounds like yours, we speak in your voice because we are partnering with you. We work closely with you and allow you to approve content prior to posting.  If you have an in-house writer, we work with them to help produce, schedule, and leverage your own content. 

We don’t try to curate generic content, we work with you to create content that is specific to your company, your industry, and your goals. We focus on your target audiences and convey your value propositions. What we do is very different from other companies in that we include the brand and product through the Social Media Campaign.

How do you handle posts our company wants to make during a promotional period such as a sale or special event? 

You need not make a special request to us. Because we will be working closely with you every step of the way, it will be part of our natural workflow to include your posts, events, and promotions. Your desired posts should flow with the overall message of the social media campaign, not look ‘shoehorned’ in to whatever posts are being made by a social media management company. 

How will followers grow on my social media? 

Very organically would be our answer. While the number of followers is significant, what we also look for is engagement of followers. You can increase your followers by 1000 in a month but if they are all followers who aren’t interested in your brand, your product, or service how does this benefit the bottom line? We specifically help create content that brings in people who are interested to engage your brand.  Your increase will be smaller than us but they will be of your target market. 

Will I need to send you content?

For most social media companies, the answer is no. Most social media companies develop content that they believe is a fit for you brand. They gather it from news feeds, databases, and other sources hoping it engages your audience. They look for you to give feedback after a few weeks of posting – but by then some damage may have occurred if the content is not helpful to you, even after an exhaustive interview with you to determine your business, brand, and goals. Instead, ee develop content with you, content that you can approve to make sure it gels with your brand, and content that engages your present audience while helping to attract a new one. 

Do you moderate and respond to our users? 

As far as you want. We understand that social media engagement is important, so we discuss with you whether to engage your users and customers or defer to you. In many cases you can represent yourselves far better than we can and deal with a ‘hot lead’ more effectively than we can using your in-house staff and resources. Many customer service outreaches are best addressed by you and your company. We are happy to facilitate in any way. 

How long does it take? 

Social Media is not a quick fix, it’s a long game. Marketing in social media is a process, not a light switch. There are such things as viral posts or stories going viral but they usually do little to further long term business goals. A picture of a fat cat exercising is cute but long term it does little to increase brand awareness, build a customer base, or foster conversions / sales. Our goals for you is gradual organic growth and greater engagement by your followers. We monitor growth weekly and monthly to assure your business grows on social media in a way that isn’t artificial or harmful to your brand or raises a flag to the social media platform algorithms. 

What is different between you and the $100 per month services? 

Most of the inexpensive services simply ‘curate’ generic content related to your business and post it on your social media page to create activity.  Our company is different in that we look to make posts that are relevant to your business and brand. Do we recommend a good quote or good cartoon occasionally? Sure. We have clients that post memorable quotes and funnies from time to time – but one difference is we encourage them to include their own insight on the quote, their own spin on a funny post. When we do this, we have them continue to promote their brand even on someone else’s quote. With us you are not a spectator, you are a participator. The public can tell the difference between a social media managed company and a company that is posting thoughtfully. 





Ron Hall has been managing my social media presentation on Facebook now for a few months. We started out with just a 30 day trial run and the results have been by far worth every bit of time, energy and money spent. Within weeks we saw an increase in customers coming in asking about product they saw posted on FB. Ron’s  comments with the posts I feel adds a special touch which engages the clients! Bob Cook, Bargain Bob’s Discount Store
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