Connecting You to Prospective Customers

Traditional media and marketing rely on your customers to connect to you. Radio, TV, print, sponsorships and other forms of broadcast media are one way advertising channels and rely on your message to be broadcasted to potential customers. This is one form of marketing that can be very effective however it should be paired with other types of marketing.

Online marketing channels such as a website augmented with SEO, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, and other online channels allow you to have a two way conversation with your customers and prospective customers. It turns a monologue to a dialogue which can result in new customers, repeat customers, and feedback that can improve your operation to serve even more customers and their needs. Connect, engage, and build your brand online in a way that lets your prospective customers speak to you and you to them.



Lemur Technology has been a blessing to our business as we went from a startup to a 5 year old established practice.  Ron’s management of social media across different platforms including our website keeps us on potential customer’s radar.  We are thankful to have him handling all the nuances of internet marketing. Dr. Eric Potter Sanctuary Functional Medicine
Sanctuary Functional Medicine