Building Your Facebook Business Page Interest

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Building Your Facebook Business Page Interest

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There are several things you can do to build Facebook Business Page Interest and Stand Out from the ‘Stream of Chaos’ known as the Facebook Newsfeed:


  • Your company needs a banner with a call-to-action as it’s timeline header imag
  • Your company content should be entertaining, informative and inspiring.
  • Your company should ‘comment as’ and be sure to share posts with yourself on different days.
  • Your company should observe posts that they and others respond to personally
  • Your company should assess what content is popular to their ‘best referrers’.
  • Your company should assess 3 competitors Facebook pages
  • Your company should discuss with partners (realtors, homebuilders, etc) joint strategies to package services in Facebook posts, i.e. doing a short video at a homebuilders site.
  • Your company should discuss fun social-media friendly activities to photograph during special events.

What Kinds of Images to Post:

  • Posts with images are more likely to be shared or reposted.
  • Your company will need to decide on an attention getting image or two
  • Your company will need to avoid canned photos – they look uninteresting
  • Your company will want to get interactions with this photo and get enough interest for someone to take the next step.
  • Your company will want something that stands out in the ‘stream of chaos’ that is a newsfeed and generates attention


  • It takes time to build a following but giving away digital items may help.
  • Most are not ready to take action right now.
  • Your company will need to be patient – it doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Your company can offer some info and then more information. People see the value then get the value.
    • Something of value…i.e. a video or guide
    • Something specific
    • Something flexible
    • Something Smart
  • Some examples of what Your company can offer include:
    • Pdf reports
    • Pdf tips
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Live Event
    • Give away something easy.
  • When you offer this, collect an email address and then make the item available so you can do some follow up with the people who download your item.



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