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Meme’s like this are fun but it’s time to talk about real content.

A good social media presence is all about content. But what kind of content?

Your goal should be to generate content that is engaging, sharable, while also building your reputation as a subject matter expert. You don’t want to necessarily ‘give away the store’ if you are an expert such as a car mechanic or computer repair business but you do want to publish some ‘first steps’ and other articles that show you are a subject matter expert in lane.

While a funny cat or pop culture meme may get you short term engagement, what you’re going for overall is to bolster your web presence which includes social and your website as well as overall credibility.

A first step may be to brainstorm 4 areas you are a subject matter expert in. You can then write 4 blogs for each area. An example may look like this:

Joe’s Fix It Garage

Topic 1: Things You Can Do On Your Own

  • Do your own oil change
  • Change your own tail light bulb
  • Change your own Trunk latch
  • Replace your Tail Light Lens

Topic 2: When to Call a Mechanic

  • Common Check Engine Codes
  • Tires are squeaking
  • I hear a whistling sound
  • My car’s ABS light just came on

Topic 3: What to look for in a used car

  • Pulling a CarFax Report
  • Taking a Test Drive
  • What to do during the first 24 hours
  • Are extended car warranties worth it?

Topic 4: Signs it’s time to replace not repair

  • Top severe engine codes
  • Recreational vs. personal vs. business use
  • Leasing as a replacement option
  • Should I fix my trade-in?

After you’ve laid out four 4-part topics and have written 4 blogs for each, what you end up with is a social media calendar for 30 days assuming you go light one day with a meme or cartoon and do other content on the weekends.

Content is…king.





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