Do It Yourself Desktop Support

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Do It Yourself Desktop Support

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It’s important to maintain your computer equipment. In the event of an emergency failure, data rescue can run up to $1200 and data recovery can run $3000-$5000 and cause expensive business and revenue disruptions.

Here is a step by step do-it-yourself plan to prevent catestgrophic emergencies with your computer:

Initial Setup:


Download and install / run the following software:

  • CCCleaner
  • Malwarebytes Anti Malware
  • ADWCleaner
  • Antivirus of your choice. Nortons is recommended by Lemur Technology.

Run ‘Scan Disk’ and ‘Defrag’ on all drives.

Download, install and update antivirus program.

Review all installed programs for relevance and usage.

Disable any unnecessary / unknown add-ons or Extensions in Chrome, FireFox, and IE / Edge.,

Reset any browsers if necessary.

Buy a 1tb ‘pocket drive’ (USB hard drive) such as this: and plug it in to a free USB port.

Set up Windows 7 Legacy image backup or a Windows 10 files backup to run weekly at 7pm Sundays.


Weekly Service: (you can perform this via ‘logmein’ on all your machines; some tasks may be able to be ‘scheduled’ to run automatically by the software.,)

Run CC Cleaner each week on Sunday night for a fresh Monday start.

Run Malwarebytes each Sunday night.

Run AntiVirus each Sunday night

Set Restore Point each Sunday night.

Run backup each Sunday night

Check for and run all Windows Updates.



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