How to Maximize a Facebook Live

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How to Maximize a Facebook Live

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Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Live

Are you looking to maximize your next long form scheduled Facebook Live event? We are referring to events 15-45 minutes long that are pre-planned to foster engagement. (This is for planned events not spontaneous ones)

A few ideas:

  • Distribute flyers to local places prior to the event referring to the subject, speaker (if there is one), time, and Facebook page.
  • Use Mailchimp / Constant Contact / other email software to email your list twice before the event, once the week-of and once the morning-of.
  • Post a 5 days out daily about the event with short snippets to preview the event’s topic via video.
  • Have an influencer do a ‘watch party’ so their followers are made aware of the event
  • Engage during the event and repeat the basic subject of the FB Live every 5 minutes to catch new viewers.
  • Have someone else monitor the comments for potential engagement.

Take your FB Live to the next level!



Ron Hall has been managing my social media presentation on Facebook now for a few months. We started out with just a 30 day trial run and the results have been by far worth every bit of time, energy and money spent. Within weeks we saw an increase in customers coming in asking about product they saw posted on FB. Ron’s  comments with the posts I feel adds a special touch which engages the clients! Bob Cook, Bargain Bob’s Discount Store
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