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CoSchedule allows you to organize your online marketing efforts.

In the past few years we’ve used a few social media tools.

One we’d like to hi-light today is CoSchedule, a plug in for WordPress. CoSchedule acts as a marketing calendar, content organizer, social organizer, work organizer, and asset organizer. While being incredibly robust, there’s one feature we want to hi-light today: the Calendar.

CoSchedule allows you to schedule posts in advance for WordPress and share them on schedule to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. What we do is start with a content strategy of what we are going to post outlined elsewhere and then CoSchedule becomes a data entry exercise.

We are able to begin by scheduling a new WordPress post and editing the post in WordPress itself, then switching back over to the CoSchedule calendar to create the message for the rest of the platforms. It’s that easy.

For videos it’s even easier. We simply create a social message and share it on the other platforms.

CoSchedule also allows you to stagger your shares, set your dates in intervals, and other neat cool tricks.

At the end of the day, for WordPress sites, CoSchedule is a great go-to tool for your social media marketing


He is very cost effective, fast and most importantly stays all over the google search, clicks etc.  He knows what is important and what works etc.  we have found giving this work to a firm isn’t nearly a as effective as having a single person watching it almost on a daily basis.  We get a lot of biz from google placement, website design etc.  this stuff works! P.F, B2B business owner, Nashville
PF - Nashville