Email List Engagement

Email List Engagement

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Another online marketing channel is an email list of your customers / clients.

At Alley Cat Social we recommend MailChimp but regardless of what software you use, it’s alway good to do the following:

  • Bring a manual sign up (clipboard / pen) as well as an Ipad / tablet sign up to live events.
  • Review your manual autoresponders for contact updates, i.e. “Dr. John Smith has left UNIT, if you need further assistance, contact Elizabeth Shaw at”.
  • Work out an engagement calendar by sending every month, every two weeks, every week or what ever frequency gives your customers the appropriate touch and results . in the highest open / clicks and lowest unsubscribe rate. This may take trial and error along with choosing the appropriate sending time.
  • Eyeball the top opens and reach out to those who frequently open your emails.
  • Create separate lists for clients and non clients so you can market different offers to different segments.
  • Make sure your landing pages have a clear call to action that is relevant to the email click link.
  • Review stats often to fine tune your campaigns.

More to come soon from Alley Cat Social!

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He is very cost effective, fast and most importantly stays all over the google search, clicks etc.  He knows what is important and what works etc.  we have found giving this work to a firm isn’t nearly a as effective as having a single person watching it almost on a daily basis.  We get a lot of biz from google placement, website design etc.  this stuff works! P.F, B2B business owner, Nashville
PF - Nashville