Goals of Social Media

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Goals of Social Media

Alley Cat Social Campaign Goals

Patches is asking what your campaign goals are!

With any form of marketing there are goals. Or at least there should be. What are some goals you can have with social media?

  • Increased likes
  • Increased engagement (shares, comments)
  • Increase conversions (prospects to customers)
  • Increased brand awareness & growth

It’s important to tailor your campaign to your objectives. If you’ve ever run a Facebook Ads campaign the thought process is similar, you need to take a minute and chew on what the point of your campaign is.

What does each goal get you? Let’s take a look:

Increased likes (for your company, not a single post) can help increase how you appear on people’s timelines.

Increased engagement (shares, comments) can help how Facebook ranks you. Facebook wants to know your posts are interesting to others. A few posts in a row with zero engagement tells Facebook people aren’t interested in you or your content.

Increased Conversions (prospects to customers) helps your bottom line. We will discuss more in the coming days on this. What we can say is posting content from others won’t increase your own conversions.

Increased brand awareness and growth helps build your company as a whole. In this case it’s not just about reposting other content or news curated from other sources that are of interest to your audience. It’s about leveraging and growing your brand in your posts without coming off as a radio advertisement each time.

Each one is a worthwhile goal but a campaign must be carefully constructed based on the goals you have in mind.


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