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Social Media How-To Videos

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One type of content that is powerful for both SEO and Social Media is “how to” content. “How to change a tire”, “How to tie a necktie”, “How to test for mold toxicity”, “How to find an independent insurance agent”, or “how to bake cookies” are examples.

Recently I lost my power steering pulling into a client’s parking lot. I recalled that my car’s main belt can come off and that is a fairly simple fix (until you get to a mechanic) but I forgot exactly how the car’s belt attaches.

Fortunately I looked up how to fix it on YouTube and it included a diagram on how the belt fits and the correct pathway.

Creating good “How-to” content is a great way to build SEO and social media credibility at the same time.



Lemur Technology has been a blessing to our business as we went from a startup to a 5 year old established practice.  Ron’s management of social media across different platforms including our website keeps us on potential customer’s radar.  We are thankful to have him handling all the nuances of internet marketing. Dr. Eric Potter Sanctuary Functional Medicine
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