Joining and Posting to Groups

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Joining and Posting to Groups

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Joining other groups can be beneficial.

One underused Social Media strategy is joining and posting to groups.  Facebook has a few basic structures:

Personal Pages

Business / Public Figure Pages

Groups (open / closed / public / private)

We at Alley Cat Social sponsor “We are the Working Homeless“, an online community of people (now non-profit) who, despite being homeless, are working. They can be hidden in plain sight but the community creates a safe place to share, encourage, and grow.

The person who runs it, Kimberly Gonzalez, constantly joins other groups. There is some caution here to consider:

It can be considered spammy to post the same things in multiple groups. Be original and thoughtful. Add value to your posts,

Be careful and know the group’s individual specific rules. One group we belong to only allows advertising posts on Fridays.

Posting events in other groups should be done thoughtfully with the target audience in mind and sparingly. Don’t post a Dog meetup in a Cat’s only group.

Joining groups can be a great way to expand your brand and exposure. Give it a try today!

Joining groups can expand your reach and brand.


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