Using Hashtags

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Using Hashtags

How do you use hashtags on social media?

Do you use “hashtags”? They started on Twitter but spread to the other social platforms. Using Hashtags helps guide your target audience to your content increasing your followers and social credibility.

An example of a hashtag is “#socialmedia”. You use the “#” (number, pound, or now hash sign) before a word. It helps your content show up in search functions. It doesn’t include spaces but is alphanumeric. What it does is allow your content to be found by people who don’t normally follow you.

A few guidelines include: Only using one or two hash tags per post, make them short, use terms people are looking for, be specific, only use them if they are relevant to your post, and be aware of the hashtags your competition uses.

So how do you find hashtags to use? Not all hashtags are equal. You can research what people in your target audience are alrady using. You can also look for people who are influencers such as Youtube stars, experts in your area of business, and celebrities.

You can find more information including platform specific guidelines and links to tools at the Digital Marketing Institute.




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