The Call to Action

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The Call to Action

Category : Social Media

The Call to Action is a vital part of your Facebook Business Page

Have you maximized the ‘call to action’ part of your Facebook page?

Make sure it’s sending people to the right place.


Looking to communicate with your audience? Try “sign up” or “send message”

Are you looking for people who are ready to act now? “Book Now”, “Shop Now” are just two examples of options.



Ron Hall has been managing my social media presentation on Facebook now for a few months. We started out with just a 30 day trial run and the results have been by far worth every bit of time, energy and money spent. Within weeks we saw an increase in customers coming in asking about product they saw posted on FB. Ron’s  comments with the posts I feel adds a special touch which engages the clients! Bob Cook, Bargain Bob’s Discount Store
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