WordPress Website Security

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WordPress Website Security

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Protecting your websites protects your social media and your brand.

Where we send people after a call to action in social is just as important as the social post itself. WordPress has a 35% marketshare of all websites on the internet according to W3Techs.

If a call to action leads to a hacked wordpress site or a hacked-and-slow / under attack website, that can affect your brand, credibility, and value. In order to stay on top of this, we suggest two plug-ins.

AntiMalware Brute Force at https://gotmls.net/
This plugin does a great deep scan of your website and can sniff out database injections, htaccess threats, exploits, and core file changes.

Wordfence which can be downloaded at the WordPress site: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/  Wordfence is a great plugin to help monitor threats, attacks, logins, as well as help you stay on top of software updates.

One social media post to a hacked site can bring down your brand. It’s best to stay on top of it with the use of these or similar plugins.


Lemur Technology has been a blessing to our business as we went from a startup to a 5 year old established practice.  Ron’s management of social media across different platforms including our website keeps us on potential customer’s radar.  We are thankful to have him handling all the nuances of internet marketing. Dr. Eric Potter Sanctuary Functional Medicine
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