Things Your SEO Specialist Should Be Doing

Things Your SEO Specialist Should Be Doing

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Every online marketing servicer / seo specialist has their own strengths and weaknesses but to some degree they should all be fulfilling this list as a commonality:

  • Researching good cross linking opportunities monthly
  • Reviewing page content for keyword usage
  • Reviewing page code for keyword placement
  • Reporting page performance monthly
  • Reporting website performance monthly
  • Reviewing and reporting PPC (if applicable) performance monthly
  • Reviewing and reporting Google placement / performance monthly
  • Reviewing and responding (if applicable) to social media reviews (Google, Yelp, Facebook).
  • Reviewing and responding to social media inquiries
  • Reviewing and reporting on performance for paid directory listings.
  • Reviewing and posting valuable content to your website
  • Reviewing and posting valuable content to social media / paid directories
  • Review and report on competitors websites & online activity
  • Identifying niche opportunities for online efforts
  • Identifying opportunities to grow email lists
  • Reviewing online form submissions
  • Reviewing backup schedule
  • Backing up database (if applicable)
  • Managing additional outreach email addresses
  • Reviewing and recruiting / managing content writing opportunities
  • Advising for online content prior to brick and mortar engagements
  • Reviewing membership profiles and backlinks to professional organizations
  • Reviewing and assisting in implementation of reviewing opportunities by customers
  • Reviewing the ongoing security of your website and advising / patching / updating software as needed.


He is very cost effective, fast and most importantly stays all over the google search, clicks etc.  He knows what is important and what works etc.  we have found giving this work to a firm isn’t nearly a as effective as having a single person watching it almost on a daily basis.  We get a lot of biz from google placement, website design etc.  this stuff works! P.F, B2B business owner, Nashville
PF - Nashville